Sclerology is the study of the red lines in the white of the eyes and how they relate to stress-patterns in a person's health...
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last updated: May 25, 2021
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What is Sclerology - Terminology and the importance of this Science
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Complete Sclerology Systems - Discover High Resolution in Close Capture
For the Health Practitioner that Needs Equipment that allows him/her to have Daily Immediate and Accurate Results in their Daily Activity.

Utilizing an Equipment that Allows him/her to Elaborate in a Simple way his/her Clients History and Situation History of that same File being able Recommend the Products of his/her most Trust as well as to have Prepared Diets, Recommendations and all with a simple Click; being able to Print them or Save them for the Client’s next Visit followed by the Indications given as a result of what was Observed and what was Recommended in the last visit.

A System that is completely secure and Inoffensive and with which is required neither to touch the Client nor to take Fluids of Any Type.

In which Expanded Vision has worked in the investigation and development for more than 57 Years that in continuation we present to you.

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Lecture Reference Control Professional
Iridology Software -  the Iridologist is able to use various tools 
Lecture Reference Control Standard
Lecture Reference Control Research
Lecture Reference Control Expert
Dr. Bernard Jensen
Sclerology Charts
Dr. David Pesek
The College of Ophtalmic Somatology
Marion D. "Micki" Jones
Dr. Leonard Mehlmauer
With this Software the Iridologist is able to use various tools to assist in the analysis of the eye, including

14 chart overlays. The software also features a patient database not only to record patient details, but also iris signs, recommendations and suggestions, which can be printed out in a four-page report.   
Important: This product is not sold separately you must buy the complete package
Cleansing Boards - Complete treatment to Cleansing
Cleansing Board Kit Special price

Sclerology is the study of the red lines in the white of the eyes and how they relate to stress-patterns in a person's health. Once you learn to interpret these lines, you will hold the key to understanding how the body is struggling or adapting to maintain balance; and thus know how to apply natural therapies to prevent problems from occurring or help the body correct problems already occurring.
What is a person's predisposition to disease? What is the hidden cause of symptoms that can point the way to cure? What will your health challenges be five years from now? Information regarding these insights is portrayed NOW in the sclera -the red veins in white of the eyes. All you need is the key to unlocking their reflexive message!
Now you can learn to interpret the sclera and master the health secrets in the eyes! It doesn't take long to become proficient in identifying the chief concerns (constitutional predispositions) affecting anyone's health.

Are cold hands and feet a circulatory, thyroid, constitutional-vitality, or immunological problem? The answer is reflected in the sclera! 
What is the key to losing weight? Is it glucose metabolism, the endocrine glands, the liver, or an allergy pattern? Insights are in the sclera! 
Is chronic fatigue attributed to a chronic infection, a weak endocrine system (thyroid/adrenals), an exhausted immune system, a liver weakness? The sclera contains information showing where weaknesses are! 
What is Sclerology
1. Sclerology provides an early warning - an earlier warning than any other eye-sciences - and thus allows a person the time to effect nutritional correction before a condition becomes chronic.

2. The lines in the sclera change as health conditions change. Thus Sclerology is an excellent way to confirm that a natural therapy is working.

3. The sclera's patterns reveal the weak links in a person's constitution. A person is empowered with self-knowledge that can prevent a genetic weakness from manifesting.
Benefits of Sclerology
Sclerology Samples
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1 Year warranty parts and labor
Complete System!!
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1 Year warranty parts and labor
Complete System!!
Details and lease packages click here
1 Year warranty parts and labor
Complete System!!
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