These are some testimonies of our Clients:
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Testimonies of Users and Clients
in the Practice of Iridology
Los Angeles, CA
April 10, 2003

Through the following I would like to thank EXPANDED VISION for the careful and valuable treatment in the training and service in the use of the DV2002U equipment of my possession.

After many years in the practice of different nutritional techniques this DV2002U system has helped us offer better service to our clients as well as noticing that our clients have a very positive impression when we use this DV2002U equipment.  From our side not only have we provided better service but it has also helped us increase our sales and the service reputation of our establishment.


German and Emilia Marinero
National Managers
Natures Sunshine Products

Gratitude to Expanded Vision,

My name is Domingo Medina; four years ago I purchased an Iridology camera from Expanded Vision.  I had a small store in which I sold natural products.  It was going real bad for me since sales were low but after installing the camera my profits were so high that I paid for the camera in three months.  It’s very simple, I tell my clients that the iris exam is free if they purchase any product if not the charge is $25.00.  There are occasions in which I have up to eight persons in line since regularly I take about half an hour on each person since I like to do a good job.  This has given me so much clientele that now I have six small stores and in each store I have a camera with its computer installed to do the iris exam. I will always be thankful to them for what they have done for my business.


Domingo Medina

Dr. Louis Cruz
Naturopath, Master Herbalist
800-484-8825 x2771

To my friends at Expanded Vision:

I just want to take the time to say “Thank you”. It’s been over 5 years 
that I have been in contact with your company and actively using the software and camera systems offered by expanded vision. I am using the DV2002U and it has been of great help. I usually have the DV2002U connected to 19” TV and Laptop simultaneously. So I can be viewing the iris in the TV system and record on a VCR if desired. I have also been using the TV for focusing when I want to take a picture for documentation and more detailed study on my laptop.

Your technical support is excellent. There is always someone to answer any troubleshooting question I may have. Your complete top of the line iridology products are a blessing to the iridology profession!

God bless and keep up the good work!!

Louis Cruz

Dear Expanded Vision   

I Purchased a Camera from your company several months ago and I am extremely pleased with service your company has given me.
I would recommend to anyone wanting to become an Iridologist to purchase one of your cameras. The camera I Purchase for my clinic has greatly speeded up the amount of time I takes for me to conduct a proper screening of the iris for my patients. The bar graphs and the system percentages are very accurate and will help anyone to serve their patients better.

The whole program is wonderful and special thanks to Gilbert for his help and guiding me through the whole process of setting my system up.

Expanded Vision truly knows his business and is doing a great service to all Iridologist. Keep up the great work!


Jimmy Steger, N.D., Ph. D.

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Miami, FL
May 3, 2006

Through this letter I want to be thankful to Expanded Vision - D'Alma Integrated Solution by the careful and effective support that have offered us constantly since we obtained the Iridology Capture Equipment DV2002Ù for its use as much as for its practice, and of course by the enterprise vision that by consequence this has originated.

With the use of the Iridology Capture Equipment model DV2002U I have managed to control my clients, to concentrate all its information of organized way, to consult its file historically, to give clear reports, trustworthy practitioners and containing the information of the supplements and suggestions, obtaining impressive and very positive results in the evaluation of the functional state of my clients.

This has given me the possibility of a simple form and practices, to be precise in the suggestions of the supplements and herbs that supported them with their health, being in an extraordinary growth of my business, in thousand as clients satisfied and by another part also it has served as motivation so that all my group follows helping ahead the others of professional way and practices.

The capture and reading of the iris who can be obtain itself through the high quality, presicion and technology of the equipment of Expanded Vision and the programs D'Alma Integrated Solution have been the tool bases in the development of my business and the one of my managers since in the organization exist 12 managers with equipment and they are also very satisfied with the results.

This has allowed me to help thousands of people and to form a great group of distributors as well as to reach the rank of manager of division NSP being formed solid bases after a maintained growth.

As a result of all this support, its servant and all my team of managers we are very thanked by the great support and professional attendance that they have offered us in the seminaries and in the training for the use and handling of the Iridology Capture Equipment, for the didactic material as well as per their support in our Iridology practice and of course in the projection of businesses that in ours professional practices it has been a determinant key for our success.

Best Regards,